Patrick  Coan

Patrick Coan

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First Name * Patrick
Last Name * Coan
Username * designingpatrick
Country * USA
City Portland
Nationality Human
Languages English



Availability: student


I've been learning about all of the main aspects of CG for about 4 years now. I have a thorough understanding of 3Ds Max, Z-Brush and Maya. I'm a self motivated dude, and people tell me that I work too much and that "I don't always need to be focused". Whatever though, they don't work with CG so I guess that they don't understand.

I'd like to get paid to design video games or any other animated cinematic production, I'm interested in the character element. I want to improve the industry standard animation and make a more stylized version of what motion capture has done for us by blending it with traditional key framing and procedurally generated animation.

I'm happy to be involved with any type of production that is collaborative and creative. I like 2D design, 3D modeling, texturing, surfacing, lighting, animating, rendering, creating dynamics effects, and compositing. I like people and people like me!